Social Innovation Hackathon

Join the social innovation hackathon taking place on the 5th & 8th July to collaborate with people passionate about social change and develop solutions that address global challenges. Promising projects will be invited to join the open ilab, which will provide you with the tools required to bring your idea to life.

Help us find creative solutions to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals


Friday (5th July)

We will start the hackathon by building connections and forming teams. You will have the chance to get to know each other, share your ideas and find teammates who complement your skills. The afternoon will be dedicated to ideation by engaging in creative brainstorming sessions to start developing your idea. We will wrap up with some networking, giving you more opportunities to exchange insights with other participants. 

Monday (8th July)

Monday will be about finishing up your projects and presenting them to the others. You will use this time to solidify your idea, think about prototyping and prepare your story. In the afternoon, you will present your innovative solutions and how they address societal challenges. 

Questions? Don't hesitate to reach out!

Marco Masia

Head of Entrepreneurship

Clara Conrad-Billroth

Technology Transfer & Social Entrepreneurship